Dec 13

This woman makes a living as a masseuse and she loves the idea of keeping her customers happy just by touching and caressing their tired body. This blonde girl isn't a stripper, but she sure knows how to tease her male clients just by caressing the most sensitive part of their bodies. But she doesn't tease for too long - soon she has her hands around her client’s dick and she’ll give him a good wank.

In this gallery, there is yet again a male client that will be satisfied. Once her client's rod is nice and hard, she'll try different angles for variety, always keeping her hand moving up and down his shaft. His balls were getting tighten as she stroke and fondle his hard cock; giving it the right amount of pressure. Finally she took his thick spunk shot all over her hands!

Dec 11

This naïve girl came home and found her boyfriend sitting on the couch reading a chick magazine and looking bored. So she decided to entertain him a bit and started rubbing his crotch through his pants. Then she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. This brunette girl got some lube for his cock and then really went at it.

This loving girlfriend really knows her way around her man's cock. As soon as she started stroking him you'll notice that she puts some energy into rubbing his cock, and you can see this chick gets off on having a man's pole in her hands. She goes at it with both hands to drain every drop of his hot juice. She gave him an incredible handjob and he came right there on the couch!

Dec 09

This guy had a really hard chest workout at the gym. When he got home his girlfriend who is still in college offered him a massage. Being together for quite sometime now, this scrumptious babe knows to caress and touch his body. She knows exactly what and where to put pressure using his hands. She was so good with her hands that he told her not to stop.

In fact, he told her to go lower. Being the good girlfriend that she is, she listened, took down his pants and massaged his cock and balls. She smiles and look at him for she knows he was ready to cum. She stroke him harder and faster forcing him to squirt a huge load on her hands and wrist.

Dec 07

This man got home from his motor cycle race and his sweet hot girlfriend was very excited to hear that he had won. She instantly jumped on top of him and started kissing him while rubbing his cock through his pants. She then unbuttons her top to make her nice breast peep out. This redhead slowly pulled out his cock, spat and stroke it.

Using both hands, she fondles his cock till it's rock-hard, then she uses one stroking and the other one by caressing his balls. She does firm, long strokes to really get his attention. Then she tugs it, rubs it, squeezes it and jerks it till his nuts were so hard and his very eager to cum. Then finally she got what she'd waited for, that sloppy jizz all over her hands!

Dec 05

It was this guy's birthday and his loving girlfriend got him the best birthday present ever. She knows that her man has a little thing for her best friend, so to make him the happiest birthday celebrant she convinced her for a double jerk fun! Luckily, the girl agreed to her proposal. They both wore matching bikinis to lure and tease him.

They told him that they had something special to give him. Upon hearing this, he can't contain his self and gets too excited. They brought him into the bedroom, pushed him down onto the bed. They pulled down his pants and begin stroking his long hard cock. His body trembles every time they would give him a tight hard stroke. His nuts were getting really hard and his cum were begging to be release. In no time, he had an orgasm of a lifetime.

Dec 03

This buff guy went to see a cock erection therapist to address his problem for not having a full erection during sex. The expert female therapist informs him that she is going to administered a masturbation session to she'll have a more profound knowledge of his condition. She asked him to get naked and just remain calm during the procedure!

She wrapped his cock around her soft hands and begins to gently stroke it. She was stroking him so good that a lot of pre-cum fluid was starting to flow from his dick. This naked patient enjoyed every long and soft stroke that in just minutes his cock was so rock hard and that he feels his erection problem was now cured.

Nov 22

This angel has a naughty side and she knows it. She loves to tease and taunt the boys with that hot body of hers! But she's not just a tease, this impish little angel will deliver the goods too! She adores giving handjobs with her divine skillful hands that is heaven sent. This seraph will help you to relax and reach the ultimate bliss!

She is such a mischievous creature that she can give a hell of a reach around! She's got nice, long fingers which are perfect for caressing cock and she knows how to put them to good use! This celestial being knows just how to get dirty. She'll stroke and fondle a hard shaft in a variety of positions until the sprinkle of holy jizz satisfies her!

Nov 19

This hardworking guy came home from work and was tired after a long day of working a double shift. As soon as he got home he laid down on the bed to rest. While he was resting his redhead girlfriend came home and when she saw him looking all tired, she knows exactly what to do on how to treat her man in a relaxing and pleasurable way .

She immediately climbed on top of him, unbutton her business suit a little bit, greased her hands with some lube and pulled out his cock and proceeded to give him a relaxing handjob! She strokes his cock nice and slow with the right amount of pressure. While she was fondling him, he put his hands inside her top and gently squeezed her peeping titties and this made his rod hard cock and blew his massive hot load all over her hand.

Nov 18

This is some kind of massage clinic. A bald, chubby guy walks into the room where his appointment is scheduled and finds a hottie in a business suit waiting for him. It’s not the kind of business suit you’d ever see at work, mostly because the skirt is so short you can practically see her pussy. She tells him to get naked and lie on the ground. He rests his head on the pillow provided and she straddles him.

She takes his dick in her warm hands, softly stroking it to bring him to a full erection. She uses plenty of lube, the magic substance that lets her stroke him faster and harder. It’s no wonder he gets hard in no time given how bloody hot she is. If a woman looking like that wanted to stroke my cock I think I’d have no problem letting her do so.

Nov 09

When he finds the ornate looking bottle he brings it home and rubs it, hoping for a genie to grant him three wishes. He’s dumbfounded when she actually appears but immediately he wishes for a schoolgirl sex slave to come and pleasure him. In the next instant she appears dressed in a plaid skirt, knee high stockings, heels and a cropped top that leaves very little to the imagination.

He takes his clothes off and lies on the bed while inviting her to come stroke his cock. She’s here to follow his commands and she climbs into his lap and takes his dick in her hand. She strokes him dutifully and he groans at her gentle touch. Using lubricant she gets his cock wet and slippery while bringing him to full size. Her bosom is heaving and just looking at it would be enough to get a man rock hard.

Oct 19

This guy was due for his 6-month performance review so his female boss called him into her office. She likes to get a good feel for her employees to see how committed they are to her ideas. It was past the office hours so she invited him over to her house to continue her personal assessment and evaluation .

This time she asks to see his 'assets' for a good review and he is quick to strip off his clothes to reveal them! She climbed on top of him with her office suit loosen up while he rest on the bed. She takes advantage of him and plays with his cock. Her soft hands were pretty lubed up for a faster and slippery tugging . In no time his stiff hard cock oozes out pearly white cum. He'll be project manager in no time!

Oct 17

This expert masseuse has her customer right where they want her! This professional jerker knows exactly which spot of her client/s cock to rub. She'll stroke a cock firmly, but gently from top to bottom and back up again with her smooth muscular hands. Her timing is never off and she won't quit until she has drained those throbbing cocks!

This masseuse puts her fingers together and grips his cock with both palms and jerks him off. First, she pulled out his cock and gave it a nice massage to warm it up. Then she continuously stroked his cock fast then slow with right amount of grip and timing while he felt up her big firm breasts. She jerked him off until a wad of hot cum burst out.

Oct 15

This nerdy woman had been told by a police officer that he was going to detain her for shoplifting. She talked him out and told him that maybe they could just work something out to avoid jail time. She started to seduce and flirt with him by touching his private parts through his uniform. Fortunately this perv officer got turn on with all the touching so he agreed to her proposal.

As soon as he said yes, she right away pulled down his pants and started jerking his cock. She starts to pumps his dick to full attention by sitting on a chair while he stands beside her. She then stood up and reaches behind his ass to massage his balls with her left hand, while still pumping with her right hand. She pumps furiously until she makes him start to quiver. In the end he unloads a massive load for her onto her palm.

Oct 13

There's nothing more gratifying than receiving a handjob from his sweet girlfriend in the great outdoors. This brunette babe is all about pleasing her man, gently cupping the balls while she takes and squeezes a rock hard dick in between her fingers. Her soft hands have no trouble emitting a big spew of semen into her awaiting palms.

Wearing her rain coat she continues to tug his dick even if it was starting to drizzle. His dick continues to harden and to elongate until it reached its full extent. His balls were getting tighten as she stroke and fondle his hard shaft; giving it the right amount of pressure. As he gets closer to orgasm, she tugged his boner from every angle. Soon enough, a load of hot gooey comes out rushing from his dick.

Oct 12

The bald guy walks through the door and is pleased to find a beautiful babe in a business suit waiting for him. The cool thing is her skirt is so tiny that it barely covers her ass. That alone gets him excited, but he's even more charged up when she tells him to lie down on the bed and she climbs into his lap. That kind of forward behavior can only mean one thing.

She has him take his clothes off before getting into bed and once he's positioned she straddles his legs and grabs her bottle of lube. She pours it all over his dick and then takes her hand to his schlong and starts stroking. Let's pause here for a moment and just consider how flipping hot it would be to have a girl this good looking working over your cock. She's a total babe and she's stroking his dick like a super slut. I so wish I was in his position.