Oct 11

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Oct 10

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Oct 09

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Oct 09

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Oct 07

It was a beautiful day so these girls decided to hang out in the beach to have a tan. While sun bathing, a guy approached them, introduces himself as the beach's lifeguard. They have a small chat then he invited them to his place for more getting to know each other. What he doesn't know is these bikini babes are up to something nasty fun .

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Oct 07

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Oct 05

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Oct 04

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Oct 03

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Oct 02

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Oct 01

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Sep 30

This guy visited his doctor to get his annual checkup only to find out that his regular doctor was on a vacation. A substitute doctor was taking his place for the moment. The stand-in doctor started off by taking all of his vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. Suddenly she ordered him to undress so she could really examine him more.

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Sep 29

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Sep 27

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Sep 27

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