Sep 13

Two hot girls in bikinis sit in their bedroom, waiting for the luckiest man on the planet to arrive. He comes in wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. They both stand up to greet him and then direct him to lie on the bed. Then they both climb on top of him and begin the most pleasurable torture a man could endure. They unbutton his jeans, fish out his cock, and begin stroking the flaccid flesh until it grows in their hands.

One girl is straddling his chest, shaking her ass in his face while she rubs his cock with her hand. Just imagine how much fun he must be having! The girls work his cock like professionals, stroking it until it's rock hard. While one girl has her hands on his balls and the other works his shaft he shoots a huge load from the tip of his dick, spurting semen everywhere.

Sep 13

It's very important that a young woman knows how to properly give a man a handjob. Having such a skill can be useful in so many situations. If you'd prefer not to have sex one evening a handjob can be a safe and easy way to satiate a man's desire. It can also be a great way to warm up your man for sex; if his cock is nice and hard before entering it will feel much better.

In this gallery and older blonde woman is trying to teach two young ladies this very lesson. They have a male subject to practice on and the two girls take turns stroking his ever growing cock. They stand next to the examination table he's lying on and work his cock over while the older woman stands by and gives them pointers on how to best get him to cum. Eventually they succeed and he cums on his stomach.

Sep 13

There's a new kind of physical therapy taking hold in alternative medicine offices around the world. It's designed to help relieve stress. The idea is that a female specialist helps a man to relax by pulling the stress right out of his cock with her hands in the form of an orgasm. This gallery shows a good example of what I'm talking about. The doctor, a good looking brunette babe, comes into the office wearing a white coat.

At first it looks as though she's there to give him an examination of some sort. As it turns out she's a relaxation therapist and she's there to stroke his dick. This is revealed to be true when she opens her coat and reveals a very sexy black lingerie set underneath. Not surprisingly his cock starts to grow at the sight of her in the lingerie and it only gets harder when she takes hold of him. She how it all turns out at

Sep 13

Michelle owns a massage parlor, but she rarely rubs anything on her clients besides their dicks. Everyone who comes in knows what they're getting and they all want to see the lovely blonde owner. Michelle's a pretty babe with a nice rack and today she's wearing a blue tube top and a pair of black pants as she enters the massage room. Her client is lying on the table, already naked. His cock is flaccid, but that doesn't last for long as Michelle gets to work.

She squeezes a generous amount of lube onto his cock and begins to stroke him with both of her hands; she doesn't want one of her arms getting tired before the session is over. In no time at all her client is sporting a massive erection and moaning in pleasure. Michelle knows the end is coming soon and she strokes him harder and faster, waiting for the inevitable spurt of semen to come.

Sep 13

Blonde babe Michelle is a trained massage therapist, but she's found over the years that guys are willing to pay a lot more money for a quick massage and a handjob. So instead of spending an hour rubbing a guy for a pittance she gives him a quick rubdown and then pulls his pants off to jerk his junk to completion. Here she's talking on the phone with a friend when her client comes in. She has him lie down on the massage table and she pulls the towel off of his crotch.

She rubs her hands together to warm the lube and then takes his dick in both of them, rubbing it up and down. Still talking on the phone she begins to give one of the finest handjobs you'll ever see. His dick is shining from the lube and his cockhead is pulsing from all the blood that's rushing to the area. See the conclusion at

Sep 13 is all about everyday, ordinary people giving and receiving handjobs. This gallery is a great example of that. In it we see an older woman - probably in her late 40s - dressed in a short black dress with a sheer white top over it. She looks great, but more than that she's eager to give a handy to the younger man sitting across from her desk. After chatting with him for a bit she gets up, pulls his pants down, and begins to stroke his cock.

She gets him all worked up while standing above him and then gets on her knees and really goes to town. Her dress is tight and it pushes her breasts together nicely. When she bends over you can see her beautiful flesh as she strokes his cock within inches of her tits. She's even got a smile on her face as she wanks him; what a delight.

Sep 13

Two beautiful babes in bikinis, a blonde and a black haired hottie, are hanging out together in the bedroom when a guy comes in and stands their ogling their hot bodies. These are naughty girls though and soon they have him lying on the bed and they're pulling his pants off to get at his junk. With his jeans around his ankles both girls grab his cock and begin stroking it. It doesn't take long for him to get hard; I can't imagine it would with two beauties like that hanging around.

While one girl works on his cock the other gives him one hell of a show by pulling her tits out of her suit top and flashing them in front of his face. After both girls have given him a face full of tits they double team his cock. One girl grabs his balls while the other massages his shaft and his moans of pleasure fill the room.

Sep 13

I think handjobs deserve more respect than they get from the porn buying public. A handjob, when done right, feels just as good, if not better, than a blowjob or the inside of a tight pussy. If a girl has the experience and skill to execute it well a handjob will blow your mind and cause a sexual revolution. Imagine if you were the guy featured in this picture, with two hot girls wrapping their warm hands around your dick.

The ingredients for a good handjob include a hot girl, a warm and skilled hand, and a bottle of lube. The girl should begin by slowly stroking the cock, without lube, until it's grown to full length. Then she should apply liberal amounts of the slippery stuff and go to town. A firm grip is important, but it can't be too hard since we don't want to damage the dick. Once a rhythm is established it's only a matter of time before the guy spurts.

Sep 12

A cute blonde schoolgirl and her boyfriend are doing their homework together. She’s wearing knee high black socks, a short plaid skirt and a low cut top that leaves her midriff bare. Her hair is in pigtails, completing the look of a sexy schoolgirl slut. The guy can’t keep his eyes off of her, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s the focus of today’s lesson.

The school teacher comes through the door and orders him to take his pants off. She’s going to teach the schoolgirl slut how to stroke cock, mostly because that’s something every woman should know. While the slut leans against the wall the teacher begins her lesson by getting the guy rock hard. She uses a little bit of lube, just like every girl should, and soon enough his cock is chubbed up. Later the teacher hands over the dick to the slut and she gives her first handjob.

Sep 11

This guy looks a little despondent as he sits on his bed. He must have had a bad day, which is why the man above has seen fit to send him an angel. She’s wearing all white with a halo above her head and wings on her back. She’s carrying a bottle of lube and some tissues with her so it’s not difficult to guess what her intentions are. He sits back on the bed at her request and the fun begins.

She takes his dick in her soft hand and begins stroking it, working him to a full erection. She’s paying attention to his balls as well, using her free hand to squeeze them every so often. You can see the pleasure on his face as she works him over. Someone must have given her a very special talent and now she’s putting it to use for his benefit and ours.

Sep 11

Hail to the queen of tugging! This woman is the shit, she does jerking for a living. Her handjob technique will leave you weak in the knees. She gets her smooth hands all lubed up and then works every inch of your cock. You won't be able to resist pumping those hands like a tight warm wet pussy.

She will take charge of your raging meat monster determined to make it spit . This professional jerker knows exactly which spot of your cock to rub. She’ll stroke your cock firmly, but gently from top to bottom and back up again with her smooth muscular hands. Her timing is never off and she won't quit until she has tamed the meat monster!

Sep 10

There's nothing better than relaxing at the patio after the rain with my girl. It was still drizzling outside and the cold breeze of air gives me a little chill and makes my rod a bit hard. I ask my girl for some help to warm my cock and balls. She was hesitant at first cause we were outside, but I told her it would just be for a few minutes. But it was a bluff. Once her soft hands touch my cock , there will be no turning back until the load that is building up inside my balls explodes.

I pulled my pants down and she got on to her knees. She started a bit shy but after the first minutes she started to enjoy working my cock. I immediately feel the warmth of her slender fingers wrap around my schlong. She rubbed it up and down, squeezing it, and twisting it with the perfect timing and the right amount of pressure. She stroked my cock hard and then soft and slow and then hard again until I shoot the most load of baby batter I have ever shot.

Sep 09

The mature blonde doctor walks in to her patient’s room and finds him naked on the bed as she requested. She’s holding his chart in her hand and asking him a few questions about his general state of health. After the basic interview she turns her attention to the object of her fascination: his cock. After applying lube to her hand she takes his shaft into her palm and begins to stroke it.

She gives a good handjob, as you’ll see. She makes sure to stroke the full length and gives it a gentle tug on the up stroke. It stretches his dick nice and far and he gives a little groan with each movement of her hand. He’s enjoying her work and I’m guessing you will too. This chick must have spent quite a bit of time in med school stroking cock because she’s practically an expert. Very hot stuff.

Sep 09

The blonde babe was supposed to be on a date with her boyfriend, earlier they decided to go and want a movie. However, her boyfriend wanted to fool around first before they go out. She agreed to give him a quick handjob, so she immediately got the lube and begins to yank his cock. Unfortunately, her brunette friend decided to give her a surprise visit; she knocked but decided to get inside because the door was open. She was shocked when she saw her friend jerking her man.

The boyfriend was embarrassed at first but his girl keeps jerking him trying to get the job done quickly. The brunette babe enjoyed watching her friend play with her man's cock and ask if she can help out. Her bestfriend told her that it was ok and they decided loose their clothes and just be in their lingerie. While the girls are tugging him, this perverted boyfriend can't stop starring at the other girl's juicy breast so his blonde girlfriend decided to get his attention by making him suck her tits. In the end he released his cum all over himself and on the bed. This man can't believe what an awesome jerking he got from the two chics.